GNU-Privacy Guard

I encourage everybody to use encrypted mail whenever possible. If you happen to be in Germany, Rhein-Main region, just ask for key signing.

My policy for signing keys is as follows:

  • I have met the person face to face.

  • The person presented a valid id (passport, driving license).

  • The person told me the key data (length, date, mail address and fingerprint).

  • All these matched when I finally signed the key.

  • I'll upload all keys I signed to a key server, unless requested otherwise.

You'll find my public key for Gnu Privacy Guard on the key servers and here. The key data is:

pub  1024D/77D4FC9B 2000-08-12 Jochen Hein (28 Jun 1967, Kassel, Germany) <>
 Schl.-Fingerabdruck = F5C5 1C20 1DFC DEC3 3107  54A4 2332 ADFC 77D4 FC9B